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Mesquite Powder 200gr

Mesquite Powder 200gr

  • Mesquite Powder 200 gr.
  • The best chocolate substitute, by maintaining stable levels of sugar in the blood, being beneficial for diabetics
  • It is sweet and contains no gluten
  • Contains soluble fibers that favor intestinal flora
  • Promotes blood PH balance and elimination of heavy metals and radiative substances from the body
  • Rich in Vitamin A, it reduces blood glucose levels, strengthens bones and teeth
  • Stimulates the secretion of breast milk
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    This species is collected throughout the northern coast of Peru, with Piura being the area with the most extensions of land. Locust beans are obtained from carob pods. They are similar to the European carob, which is believed to have been introduced by the Arabs. Nowadays, it is known that carob was used in pre-hispanic times as a natural energizer, it contains carbohydrates and soluble fiber that facilitates the metabolism of our body.


    It contributes to the intestinal flora, reducing the amount of bacteria housed in our digestive system and increasing the lactobacilli, which help in the reconstruction of the intestinal flora. Can be used
    in cocktails, milshakes, juices or in different drinks as a natural sweetener.